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Top 10 Tips for Working Feet

1. Choose shoes that are appropriate for your job and work conditions.

2. If your job demands it and recommends it, wear safety shoes – many brands make good looking safety boots these days

3. Proper shoe fitting is essential. Approximately 1cm gap between your longest toe and the end of the shoe is best.

4. If you are a woman and wish to wear heels for work, try to choose a heel height of around 4cm. Daily calf stretching exercises will really help to keep the calf and heel muscles supple.

5. If you are on your feet most of the day, reduce heel height to 2cm.

6. It’s a good idea to vary heel height from day to day.

7. Lacing shoes or ones with a buckle/ strap are best. Slip on shoes are not good, they allow your feet to move and slide.

8. Try alternating your shoes with other pairs – it allows the shoes to dry out and keep athlete’s foot and bacteria at bay. These can cause offensive foot odours.

9. If you work environment can be slippy, wear slip resistant soles.

10. Pay good attention to your feet – have a regular foot care regime, this will keep them in great condition.


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